Welcome to Summer Snow

Sheila and Donnie Snow were out for a Sunday drive on Mothers Day 2001. They drove up the New Harris Road and stopped to take in the view of the mountains and lake at the Westbury property. The view was like something out of National Geographic and they fell in love with the place. Donnie said, we went up and knocked on the door of the pretty A-frame type cottage and eighty eight year old Phil Westbury answered the door. I said to him "nice place you have, I hear its for sale?" Phil said "no, but my wife and I have been thinking of putting the place on the internet and selling it to the Germans." I said "would you take 150K for it" Phil said "No I want 175K" I said "Sold". Phil said would you like to come in and have a cup of tea? Sheila and I said sure and we went inside to see our new cottage. Phil and his wife Esther made us tea and while we were drinking it their daughter called. Phil answered the phone and said to her "we just sold the place".


Donnie &
Sheila Snow